Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files of data that are sent from a website and stored on your device (such as a computer or smartphone) by your web browser while you are browsing.

These cookies are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or the client’s computer.

This allows the server to deliver a page tailored to a particular user, or the page itself can contain some script which is aware of the data in the cookie and so is able to carry information from one visit to the website (or related site) to the next.

Why are Cookies Used on

On [], cookies are utilized to enhance user experience and provide personalized services. They help in remembering user preferences, such as login details, language settings, and other customization functions.

This makes your interaction with the site more efficient and convenient, as you don’t have to re-enter information upon each visit.

Cookies are used for analytical purposes to understand how users interact with the site, which helps in improving content and services.

Detailed Definition of Cookies

Cookies are essentially small text files that contain a string of characters. When you visit a website like, the site sends cookies to your device, which uniquely identifies your browser.

These cookies are then sent back to the site every time you visit, allowing the site to recognize your browser and remember certain information about you.

Types of Cookies

  • Session Cookies: These are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your browser until you leave the site. They enable the website to link the actions of a user during a browser session.
  • Persistent Cookies: Persistent cookies remain in the cookie file of your browser for much longer (though how long will depend on the lifetime of the specific cookie). They are used to remember your preferences within the site and remain on your desktop or mobile device even after you close your browser or restart your computer.
  • Third-Party Cookies: These are cookies set by a domain other than the one you are visiting. For example, might use third-party analytics services that set their own cookies to perform services like website analytics.

Each type of cookie plays a specific role in enhancing user experience and providing personalized content, making your interactions with more seamless and tailored to your preferences.

How We Use Cookies on

Explanation of How Uses Cookies

At, cookies play an important role in enhancing your experience and providing personalized services. Here’s how we utilize cookies:

  • Session Management: Cookies are used for managing user sessions on our site. This includes maintaining your login status, remembering your preferences, and ensuring a consistent and secure user experience.
  • Personalization: We use cookies to store user preferences, such as language settings, and to personalize the content and advertisements shown to you based on your interests and interactions with our site.
  • Tracking and Analytics: Cookies help us track user behavior on our site. This data is used for analytical purposes to understand how our users interact with the website, which helps us improve our content, services, and overall user experience.
  • Security: Cookies are employed to enhance the security of our website. They help in detecting and preventing security threats and fraudulent activities.

Types of Cookies Used on

  • Session Cookies: These are temporary cookies that are deleted when you close your browser. They are used to remember your actions and preferences during your current visit to our site.
  • Persistent Cookies: These cookies remain on your device for a set period of time or until you delete them. They are used to remember your preferences and actions across multiple visits.
  • Third-Party Cookies: These cookies are set by services and features from third-party providers integrated on our site. They are used for various purposes, including analytics, advertising, and social media interactions.
  • Tracking Cookies: These cookies are used to track user behavior and gather data for analytics. They help us understand how users interact with our site, which guides our efforts in improving the user experience.
  • Security Cookies: These cookies are essential for maintaining the security of our website. They help in authenticating users, preventing fraudulent use of login credentials, and protecting user data.
  • Advertising Cookies: These cookies are used to deliver advertisements that are more relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement and help measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

By using, you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with this policy. Cookies are instrumental in ensuring that we offer you a high-quality experience tailored to your preferences.

Your Choices Regarding Cookies

Controlling or Refusing Cookies

As a user of, you can control or refuse cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser settings to decline cookies if you prefer.

This may prevent you from taking full advantage of the website. Here are steps to manage cookie settings in various browsers:

  • Google Chrome: Go to Settings > Privacy and security > Cookies and other site data. Here, you can choose to allow or block cookies from all sites or specific sites.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Access Options > Privacy & Security. Under the Cookies and Site Data section, you can choose to block or allow cookies.
  • Safari: Go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy, and then choose the options for cookies and website data.
  • Microsoft Edge: Click on Settings > Site permissions > Cookies and site data. From here, you can set your preferences for cookies.
  • Internet Explorer: Select the Tools button > Internet options > Privacy tab, and then under Settings, move the slider to choose how cookies are handled.

Third-Party Cookies may use third-party cookies to enhance your experience. These cookies are set by a domain other than our own. Here’s how these cookies are used and their purposes:

  • Analytics Cookies: These cookies help us understand how our visitors interact with the website by collecting and reporting information anonymously.
  • Advertising Cookies: Used to make advertising messages more relevant to you. They perform functions like preventing the same ad from continuously reappearing and ensuring that ads are properly displayed.
  • Social Media Cookies: These cookies are used to integrate social media on our website, allowing you to like or share pages or products on social media.

Remember, disabling cookies may limit your use of certain features or functions on our website and services. For more detailed information on how to manage cookies, please refer to your browser’s help documentation.

Privacy Policy

Link to the Website’s Privacy Policy

For detailed information about how we handle your personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy. This policy provides comprehensive details on what data we collect, how we use it, and your rights regarding your personal information.

Explanation of How Cookies Relate to the Privacy Policy

Cookies are an integral part of how we manage and protect your privacy on They are used to store and manage user preferences, enable content, and gather analytical and usage data.

The information collected by cookies helps us to understand our users’ needs better and provide an enhanced and personalized experience. Our Privacy Policy includes detailed information on the types of cookies we use and how they impact your experience and privacy.

Changes to the Cookies Policy

Statement on the Possibility of Policy Updates

Please note that our Cookies Policy may be updated from time to time. These changes are often driven by new technological developments, changes in legislation, or adjustments in our internal processes. 

Encouragement for Users to Review the Policy Periodically

We encourage you to review our Cookies Policy periodically to stay informed about how we are protecting your information and providing you with improved services. Your continued use of [] after any changes signifies your acceptance of these changes.

Contact Us

Contact Information for Cookie-Related Inquiries

If you have any questions or concerns about our use of cookies or this Cookies Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us through:

    We are committed to ensuring your privacy and providing a transparent and secure online experience. Your feedback and inquiries are always welcome.